Bucket teeth control

Sometimes excavator's bucket may have it's tooth lost during mining operations. A tooth got into rock-breaking equipment may cause the equipment breakage, that is almost every time leads to high-cost and time-consuming maintenance.

Grain size analysis in bucket

Effectiveness of drilling and blasting operations depends on explosives. Proportion of explosive substances affects the grain sizes. The larger the grain size is, the less effective the excavator work is. The smaller the grain size is, the more expensive explosives were used. There is a strong need to have well balanced cost-effectiveness parameters in drilling and blasting operations.

Granulometry on a conveyor belt

Speed and quality of transport belt grain processing largely depends on equipment parameters chosen according to the actual grain size.

Analog and digital interfaces data collection

Many industrial equipment has analog sensors. The only way to check sensors is to check them manually. Sometimes manipulations with equipment is needed what may lead to warranty loss.

Pipes count

Inventory check is used to verify the amount of production of the company. Inventory check is performed manually what may lead to human error. Loss and theft are also a big problem when it comes to logistic processes. Fast and accurate invoice check is a prevention measure that has to be done, especially when we talk about free-of-package transported objects like pipes, posts and beams.

Industrial safety

Industrial safety norms and regulations are obligatory to follow. Nevertheless, sometimes employees break the rules. The more employees are being hired the more difficult it becomes to control whether industrial safety norms are followed or not.