Bucket teeth control

Sometimes excavator's bucket may have it's tooth lost during mining operations. A tooth got into rock-breaking equipment may cause the equipment breakage, that is almost every time leads to high-cost and time-consuming maintenance.

Task: The problem is to control presence of all excavator's bucket teeth and alert company staff about tooth loss.

Usually machine operator has to run the excavator and check presence of all excavator's bucket teeth on their own. This approach results in efficiency loss as the operator has to do several tasks simultaneously. Moreover, the operator may suppress and ignore problems with teeth so as not to stop mining.

Our solution: Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms usage to control bucket teeth 24/7


  • any type of excavator
  • complex cases (eg. if the tooth in sand was lost)
  • any visual conditions (nighttime, rain, snowstorm, dirty camera lens)
  • various temperature conditions

Our solution was deployed to SUEK excavators. Made in collaboration with Zyfra company. –£ou can buy ready to deploy box solution from zyfra.ai website directly or contact us to provide more technical information about this product.